Fitness to Teach

The programme will provide support including reasonable adjustments where possible to enable an applicant recruited to the programme to successfully complete their training.

Trainees recruited to the programme need to:

  • be able to undertake teaching and other duties in school safely and effectively
  • communicate effectively with children, parents and colleagues
  • demonstrate sound judgement in all aspects of their training, particularly with regard to the safeguarding and well-being of pupils
  • be able to remain alert at all times in the course of their duties
  • demonstrate they can respond to pupils’ needs rapidly and effectively
  • with support initially, manage classes and effectively deploy support staff
  • not constitute any risk to the health, safety or well-being of children in their care
  • where disabilities exist, through support with reasonable adjustments, meet the above criteria.

An assessment of fitness to teach will be made by the training provider at application and interview.

A decision to offer a training place will be based on an applicant’s ability to meet the above criteria bearing in mind any reasonable adjustments required and support for the individual’s health condition or disability.

Applicants offered a training place who declare a disability will receive an assessment and where needed support to meet the criteria.