School to Support

Robsack Wood Teaching School Alliance and its local partners have a longstanding track record in school improvement that has led to an improvement in standards and pupil outcomes. We have a pool of outstanding professionals we can draw upon to support, in a range of areas of expertise to meet your needs.

We are able to broker support from within the alliance to help schools improve the quality of teaching and learning through:

  • Development and improving impact of leadership
  • Succession planning
  • Interpret and use data to raise standards and address achievement gaps for identified groups
  • To provide interim leadership solutions including secondments
  • To offer specialist subject support including Early Years
  • Signpost advice to maximise school assets
  • To respond to current challenges
  • Governance
  • Improving the rigour and reliability of school systems
  • Securing values-driven accountability

The Robsack Wood Teaching School Alliance aims to facilitate support tailored to an individual school’s needs. From initial to intensive support, we are able to harness the proven expertise from within our schools to deliver outcomes.